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Hi! I’m Courtney Plush. I’m a Registered Dietitian living and practicing clinical nutrition in Atlanta, GA. Originally from Philadelphia, I moved to Pittsburgh when I was 17 for college. I earned my bachelor’s degree in English Writing. I stayed in the Burgh for 10 years and think of it as my second hometown. I moved back to Philly for graduate school at Drexel University, where I earned a Master’s degree in Human Nutrition.  I came down to Atlanta for my dietetic internship at Emory Healthcare, and I’ve been enjoying the weather and the Southern hospitality ever since!

I admire your insatiable appetite for information about nutrition and health, but you need a reliable, unbiased, and trustworthy place to get it. Our world is full of people trying to buy your opinion, and sometimes it’s hard to figure out who to go to for vital information about your health. That’s why I created The Informed Appetite. As a clinical dietitian, I have experience providing Medical Nutrition Therapy to patients from a variety of backgrounds with a variety of conditions, including obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and kidney disease. The individualized care I give to my patients helps me provide you with a unique perspective on how nutrition should fit into your personal health goals. This is a place where evidenced-based nutrition information meets your real life: busy schedule, tight budget, even tighter-fitting jeans and all. I can’t control what the media tells you, what corporations are trying to sell you, or your next-door neighbor’s plug for the best diet for weight loss. So I’ll do my best to arm you with scientifically sound nutrition advice so you can make your own informed decisions about your health.

Courtney Plush, MS, RD, LD, CSOWM



3 responses to “About

  1. Jane Dille

    Courtney this caught my eye on LinkedIn and, whether or not you know, it hit close to home with me! Nice work, you are off to such an impressive start in your career!


  2. Jane! Thank you so much. I’m so glad this can be something helpful to you. I hope you’re doing well and whatever your next chapter may be, keep me posted!


  3. I also completed my internship at Emory. GREAT program. Love your blog.


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